Kayaking & Kush: A Match Made In Heaven.

How this magical herb and the low-cost, high octane water sport can go hand in hand, and what gear you need to make it comfortable and relaxing as well as an extreme adrenaline rush.

Lake Windermere

 - Before we get into anything we should make clear that the water can be a dangerous place, make sure to be prepared, bring a buoyancy aid if you feel unsafe and don't go out on the water inebriated. -

Just recently the team here at Rolling Refills went on a small expedition to Lake Windermere over in Cumbria to get some much needed R&R after a hugely successful launch of our Vape & Head Shop. Windermere, the largest lake in the Lake District is referred to In the words of William Wordsworth as “The loveliest spot that man hath found.” and boy is he on to something, the views alone are breathtaking, couple that with the serene and laid back ambience of the marina in the town and the surrounding vast nature and you have the perfect place for a medicated mind like ours, and probably William Wordsworth’s as well, let’s be honest here. Now I’d imagine it comes as news to no one that Windermere is a great and not so far-fetched holiday destination but it was actually something we’d brought from home that shocked us the most - The usability and convenience of inflatable kayaks.


Intex K1 Challenger On Water

Let’s be clear here, if you want to really get into kayaking you’re going to want to pick up a real plastic or maybe even carbon fibre kayak if you might be battling strong waves, but for slow moving currents in lakes and rivers an inflatable works perfectly. The convenience and practicality of it folding up into the size of a backpack is worth missing out on having a high end bit of kit - after all the price difference is staggering. I picked up my Intex K1 Challenger inflatable kayak for just £88 during a sale whereas the cheapest solid kayaks are priced anywhere from £250-£1,500 for a top of the line model. This works in more ways than one as well, as I know myself that I’d constantly be worried about damaging my expensive bit of kit if I’d just spent hundreds to thousands of pounds on it. Whereas with my K1 I know that if the worst happens and it breaks or pops, then I could quite easily buy another one and still have spent less than I would on a solid kayak. With that said you can buy replacement parts for the Intex K1 Challenger and it does come with a puncture repair kit. Having used it for about a month now taking it out every few days it has held up nicely and for the price is a bargain I cannot recommend enough, find it here. This is not to say solid kayaks are pointless - far from it. The Intex K1 Challenger works fantastically as an introduction into the world of kayaking, and what a world it is, especially in the UK where we have (almost) free reign over 32 unique and diverse rivers, make sure to look into canal licences before undertaking a long haul trip, however.


Reginald Out On The Water

Once out on the water you’ll begin to feel at ease with the world, keep it quiet to listen to the calm nature or bring some music with you to enjoy the vibrations out on the water, either way you’re sure to start to appreciate how the water makes for a perfect smoke spot. Make sure to roll before getting in your kayak if you’re new to being out on the ripples to avoid a marine related crisis and be sure to use some sort of doob tube or air tight baggie to keep your roll from getting wet - I recommend these Glass Doob Tubes. Once rolled and out on the waves, take a deep breath and take it all in; The nature, the sounds, the tranquillity, the fish swimming around your vessel, the real fresh air and everything else that comes with being a couple hundred metres from the nearest bit of land - and by extension; civilisation. Floating around and bobbing up and down while you’re tokin’ on your favourite strain of the devil’s lettuce is much like riding a cloud i’d imagine, that’s what it feels like anyway, add a coffee or a tasty alcoholic beverage - in a sealable bottle of course - and you’ve got yourself a heavenly smoke session in the making.

Intex K1 Challenger

This brings me on to something very important, something that can make or break your heavenly sesh… Your gear. Much like with everything else in life, the more you prepare, the easier it will be. Jump out on the water with a doob held tightly in your mouth and start paddling if you want but if you want to truly reach the potential of a watery smoke you’re going to have to suit up. A good start is a glass doob tube as I said before but you’re also going to want to pick up an air tight baggie or two, a few other items you could build out your arsenal with are a solid metal rolling tray for on the 'yak rolling, a storage container to keep all your supplies in and a air-tight herb tub for extra protection, on top of that you’re going to need a dry bag. A dry bag is an essential bit of kit for anyone wanting to have a stress-free time smoking out on the ‘yak. What these bags do is hold all your kit tightly in a waterproof, completely sealed bag so that none of your kit gets a single drop of moisture. Most Kayaks, including the Intex K1 Challenger, come with a handy built-in net and small storage space in the back for your dry bag and other equipment and you can easily access them while out there, so keep your stuff dry! Do this and I assure you, you’ll be riding the clouds on a ‘yak with nothing but good vibes on the mind in no time.

 Rolling Refills Dog

To conclude I think every stoner, young and old, poor and rich, should invest in the good time that is kayaking, it doesn’t even take much and it is safe, wholesome fun that'll re-connect you with nature. Go on I dare you, like I said earlier you can get a budget kayak on the web for less than a hundred bones or go ahead and dive in at the deep end (pun intended) and pick yourself up a solid, premium quality kayak, there’s loads out there, then come back to me and tell me that a doobie out on the water isn’t one of life’s most peaceful experiences. Especially out in the Lake District, William Wordsworth was onto something.

K1 Challenger On Windermere