Chongz Glass 33cm "Monkeee Maan" Glow - Rolling Reviews

Chongz Glass 33cm "Monkeee Maan" Glow - Rolling Reviews

The Chongz Glass 33cm "Monkeee Maan" Glow in the Dark Glass Bong is an impressive piece of smoking equipment that is both visually appealing and functional. The unique design of this glass bong sets it apart from other similar products on the market. The glow-in-the-dark feature of the glass piece is especially noteworthy as it adds an element of fun and intrigue to the smoking experience.

Monkeee Man Glow In The Dark Glass BongThe build quality of the 'Monkeee Man' is excellent, and it is clear that great care has been taken in its construction. The beaker-style design is classic and functional, and the inclusion of ice notches is a nice touch. The elongated neck of the bong allows for ample space to hold ice, which cools down the smoke, providing a smoother, fresher taste.

The 'Monkeee Man' also comes with an 18.8mm female ground joint, a glass diffuser stem, and a herb bowl. The stem is of a reasonable length, measuring 11.5cm, and features a male 18.8mm joint, which tapers down to a 14.5mm female joint to fit the 14.5mm male bowl. The inclusion of these accessories further adds to the value of the product.

In conclusion, the Chongz Glass 33cm "Monkeee Maan" Glow in the Dark Glass Bong is an excellent product that delivers great value for money. It is well built, functional, and has a unique design that adds to the overall smoking experience. If you're in the market for a new glass bong, the 'Monkeee Man' is definitely worth considering.

Review By @KayakAndKush on Instagram.

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