ELFBAR Disposable Vapes, Why Are They So Popular?

ELFBAR Disposable Vapes, Why Are They So Popular?

We thought we'd take a dive into the world of disposable vapes and why the Elf Bar 600's have taken not only the UK but the world by storm, especially among younger vapers. In January 2021, less than one per cent of young vapers used disposable pens, but that figure jumped to 57 percent by January 2022, according to a study at  the University College London. Part of this is down to the rise of the mighty Elf Bar, but are they the correct choice for quitting smoking? And are they safe?


  • The Simplicity

    Elf Bars have been and still are one of the best selling disposable vapes on the market. They are rapidly becoming the go-to disposable for most vapers. Elf Bars have managed to grow in popularity partly due to the incredibly simple to use functionality of the vape as well as not requiring any previous vaping experience, it’s literally just inhale and you’re good to go! Simply remove from the packing, and inhale to get the nicotine and flavour hit. The sleek looking bar is the perfect size to go side by side within your phone or wallet in your pocket to be dragged on a night out on the town or while out for the day. Coming in over 32 flavours, these Elf Bars offer an incredibly good value way of stopping smoking and starting vaping without the need to buy any other parts or e-liquids. Elf bars are sold on our website for £4.50 each or mix & match any 5 flavours for just £20. A single disposable vape provides up to 600 puffs which is approximately the equivalent of 20 traditional cigarettes, depending on your habit this can last between one day and upwards of three weeks!

  • The Liquid Itself
  • Each Elf bar contains 2ml of nicotine salt e-liquid as opposed to a standard freebase e-liquid. Nic Salt e-liquid provides a smoother throat hit when inhaled, specifically created to make the switch from smoking much easier. The nicotine salts also allow the nicotine to be absorbed into the body much quicker, therefore satisfying your cravings quicker and keeping you off the ciggies. Not only are the elf bars great for quitting smoking but they are also among the best tasting liquid in the Vaping world with cloudchasers everywhere being blown away by the delicious and consistent taste. In terms of flavour there are over 32 for you to enjoy, including, fruits, tobacco, menthol and candy flavours, as well as the all new Mad Blue and Cherry flavours. All available on rollingrefills.co.uk.

  • The Price
  • While tobacco and cigarette prices seem to constantly be on the rise along with the cost of living crisis and you’ve got a whole country of people looking for a cheaper way to relieve some stress, that's where disposables come in, cheaper and simpler than buying a whole refillable vape kit, especially if you have no previous experience with vaping, and produced with value in mind meaning the bars seem to be the only thing maintaining its price point in this crazy time of £15 packs of cigarettes. All of this mixes together to make Elf Bars the smart and value choice when compared with vape kits and traditional ciggies. - At 5 for £20 that’s 3000 puffs for the price of one pouch of rolling tobacco, and you don’t need a lighter, papers, a filter or even time to roll.

    Are They Safe?

    Providing you’ve bought a genuine product Elf Bars like ours here at Rolling Refills are as safe as any other kind of vape kit and are built then tested to an extremely high standard. The only difference between these disposables and traditional vape kits you may be used to seeing is that they arrive as a fully assembled unit that’s ready to go. Remember, Elf Bars and other vape products are only ever recommended for adults who are trying to quit or continue to quit smoking.

    In conclusion, the meteoric rise of Elf Bar popularity is in no small part down to a company valuing functionality and simplicity as well as good value and a sleek and modern design, I mean just look at some other disposables on the market and tell me Elf Bars aren't the best looking, you can’t do it! Make sure to browse our website and treat yourself to a mix and match deal to try out some of the new flavours. We also have Elfa pods available which are great if you’ve enjoyed Elf Bars and their flavour but would like to cut down on waste as Elfa pods are refillable and rechargeable and come with interchangeable cartridges filled with the same great flavour found in Elf Bars.

    If you love the Elf Bars but have a vape kit you'd like to use the liquid from elf bars in, then you’re in luck - check out the new BAR series range which are 10ML liquids made to taste the same as an Elf Bar but are meant to go inside a Vape kit.



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