How To Properly Maintain Your Bong Or Waterpipe

How To Properly Maintain Your Bong Or Waterpipe

A water pipe is a device used to smoke or vaporize substances, usually tobacco, medicinal cannabis, or other herbs. The device consists of a container, usually acrylic or glass, with a bowl and stem (or downstem), and is filled with water.

For most people who smoke out of them, bongs are more than just smoking instruments. They’re also decorative items that can add to the ambiance of any room, and can become a vital piece of any tokers personality. But over time, they can become dirty and/or smelly from the build-up of tar residue on the inside of the glass, as well as from accumulated resin on the outside of the bowl and stem.

Dirty Bong

This section will teach you two trustworthy methods of how to clean your bong:

Method 1:

This method is simple and straight to the point, it might not get all those nooks and crannies but it’ll give your bong a good shine once again.

1) First, start by filling your sink with enough warm water to submerge your bong in it

2) Secondly, add some dish soap into the water.

3) Finally, use a sponge or cloth to scrub away any residue that might be stuck on your bong or waterpipe.

Method 2:

Dr Green

One of the best and most effective ways of cleaning your smoking apparatus is the bong cleaning solution from Dr Green! Mix it with water and scrub your bong until it shines!

How To Use Dr Green Bong Cleaner:

1) Purchase a bottle of Dr Green Bong Cleaning Solution.

2) Mix with water: Mixing Instructions: 60% Cleaner, 40% Water. For Heavier Tar, Use Neat. For best results use hot water with bristle brush.

3) Remove water pipe components and separate them for better coverage. Let soak and scrape clean with a poker or pipe cleaner. Rolling Refills recommends the Dr Green Bong & Grinder Care Starter Kit.

It is important to keep your water pipe clean because if you do not, it could start to smell bad and can also become discoloured over time, ruining the main reason you acquired your beautiful piece.

Shop our collection of pristine glass pieces here, and check out our bong maintenance collection to keep your tool of war looking brand new!

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