Perfect Stoner Christmas Gift Ideas

Perfect Stoner Christmas Gift Ideas

With the holiday season approaching it’s time we all started thinking about what others might want- stoners for example - easy to please, easy to impress, never disappointed, some might say stoners are the perfect gift recipient. However, if you really want your gift to stand-out, then it has to be something useful, it has to be something unique and it absolutely has to be used for storing, smoking or otherwise generally enjoying medicinal herbs.

We’ve scoured the web for some of the best stoner gift ideas on the net and presented them here on Rolling Refills in hopes that this year, every stoner gets what they want for Christmas.

Monkee Man by Chongz

Get creative!

The first thing worth remembering is that stoners can be rather ingenious when it come to making their own toking apparatus - this doesn’t mean they don’t want to be given fancy new toys to blaze with, however these new toys just have to be that little bit more interesting, for example; The Monkee Man Glass Waterpipe from Chongz is not only a very sweet looking piece of glass but the design also glows in the dark - making those night-time hits a little easier to handle. Beyond that we have some glow in the dark ashtrays and glow in the dark spoon pipes so whether your stoner pal is a good friend, a really-good friend or just a perhaps unwanted secret Santa, you can still light up their night.


RAW Wake n Bake Mug

Keep your eyes open...

Now, if you’re not just looking to impress them with a unique feature - how about something they didn’t realise existed? The likes of RAW have blessed the headshop community with a brilliant and genius idea - the RAW Wake ‘n’ Bake mug, bringing two beautiful things together in one magical mug - coffee and doob.


Dr Green Bong & Pipe cleaner bundle

Get them something useful!

Is your friend a bong connoisseur? Do they wish to become one? Do they have a minging water pipe that needs a good clean? If you answered yes to any of these questions then you’re in luck! The stoner world can breathe a clean, non-bong water filled breath of fresh air as we’re bringing you the ultimate, all-encompassing, high grade, exclusive, jaw-dropping, probably a tad over-sold Bong & Grinder Cleaning Bundle featuring Dr Green and his magic chemical mix that blasts away any residue, dirt or germs as well as bong brushes for all types of pipe, water pipe or bong.


Lunacy Rolling Papers
Keep it simple...
How about we look at some simpler headshop gifts and stoner presents - these all-new Lunacy papers have taken the rolling paper industry by storm with rolling papers equipped with their patented “wind-proof rolling tray” - Made with rice paper and designed by a team of dedicated designers up in Glasgow, these psychedelic looking skins make for a great gift as you won’t find them in many head shops just yet - get ahead of the curve.
Rolling Refill Packs

What about value?

Want a gift that packs in a ton for a tiny price tag? For a cheap stoner gift idea I’d recommend the Rolling Refill Packs - with these your rolling enthusiast-mate will be supplied with everything they need to keep rolling doobs until the cows come home! Packed with enough rolling papers and tips for over 150 rollies your friend is going to be covered for the whole month of January, which is good because as you probably know, January sucks.


Solinder Grinders

The ultimate stoner Christmas Present...

Lastly I want to talk about one of the greatest gifts a stoner can receive - a good quality grinder. Now all the grinders on Rolling Refills are of high quality and would be a fantastic gift to give your pot-head pal. However, If I was to recommend one grinder that is the ultimate grinder gift one can give, It’s the Solinder grinder from AfterGrow. Available in three different colours this heavy built, high-tech grinder also comes with AfterGrow’s signature scraper and all the parts expected of a top-class four-part shredder. Not only that but with this grinder being one of the most sought after grinders on the market they made sure to make the presentation something to talk about, and here I am, talking about it. The Solinder comes in a well-crafted grinder gift box with a velvet interior and solid, printed exterior - this grinder is as sophisticated as it gets. Another grinder with high quality and a gift box is the unique and solid Bamboo grinder from Atomic, a great choice for a stoner mate with a more rustic aesthetic.

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