Ranking The New Christmas Elf Bars

Ranking The New Christmas Elf Bars

How do these new Elf Bars stack up? Which Elf Bar Lux Edition Is Best?

One of the many awesome perks of working for a Vape Shop is that you get to try all the new products before anyone else! However, with this blessing comes responsibility - to inform, and with it being the season of giving I thought I might give the gift of an informed purchase this year. That’s why I’ve tried each and every one of the new Christmas themed limited edition flavours from Elf Bar, so that I can pass on my new found opinions and knowledge on the new flavours - to be honest, though, each one of these flavours is really quite good, it was a tough list to make that’s for sure and I recommend trying them all to find your favourite.

Here goes, anyway:

  1. Chocolate Brownie Cookie
Chocolate Brownie Elf Bar

I’ve never been a fan of chocolate flavoured e-liquid. I think it always tastes pretty grim. However, I was pleasantly surprised by this Elf Bar.

Just picture it. Soft and gooey chocolate brownie sandwiched between two sweet and crunchy chocolate chip cookies. You can really taste the cocoa.

This flavour is very sweet and a little rich for my simple Yorkshire tastes, but a very tasty and festive flavour nonetheless.

  1. Cinnamon Orange
Cinnamon Orange Elf Bar

I'm a big fan of cinnamon in e-liquid.

Tangy orange and spicy cinnamon. The orange comes through in waves and there’s a subtle wave of cinnamon. A nice and strong flavour, but not my favourite.




  1. Hazel Toffee
Hazel Toffee

I’m nuts about this one.

Sweet and smooth toffee, blended with nutty hazelnuts.

Reminds me of caramel that’s been made from condensed milk. A sweet and lovely flavour.



  1. Ginger Man
Ginger Bread Elf Bar

Gingerbread! Another e-liquid flavour that I love, even thought it maybe would have ranked higher.

A Christmassy classic! Lovely gingerbread, although you’d struggle to make a house out of these, this would make a lovely stocking filler for any cloudchaser in your life.



2nd Place - Honey Apple

Honey Apple

There’s nothing better than a lovely apple flavour. (Except maybe our first place)

A lovely sweet, yet tarty apple flavour. This isn’t just a lovely Christmas flavour, I could happily vape this Elf Bar every day.




Elf Bar Christmas Flavours 1st Place - Red Velvet Cake

Red Velvet Cake Elf Bar

Drum roll… And the winner is Red Velvet Cake!

Who doesn’t love cake flavours? This one from Elf Bar did not disappoint!

Red chocolate cake and sweet vanilla buttermilk. This flavour is gorgeous, if only Elf Bar did this one all year round.




Browse our collection of Elf Bar 600 Lux Edition here. Including the Christmas themed Elf Bars!

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