Rolling Refills Top 5 Essential Smoking Products

Rolling Refills Top 5 Essential Smoking Products

Here you’ll find a short list of essential items to take your smoke session to the next level, whether beginner or expert, these five items (plus some honourable mentions) will give you the items you need to have the most convenient and clean smoke imaginable.

 5 - 40mm Diamond Grinder 

So you’ve managed to get hold of some of that beautiful flowery medicine? Now what? Well you’re definitely going to need one thing if you want to smoke properly and that’s a good quality grinder, acrylic works, but metal is better. This Diamond grinder has sharp metal diamond teeth so your herb is ground up quickly and evenly. without a good grinder you’ll basically be smoking broccoli, and who likes broccoli?

4 - Rolling Tray

Now this one might only be just my opinion, but I think a rolling tray is essential - especially these days. There’s plenty of designs to choose from as well so you can express your individuality while you roll!  With us all staying inside more I found that I was rolling and smoking in any room in the house, finished dinner? Roll one up in the dining room! Watching a movie in the living room? Spark it up! Having a bath? Perfect time for a fat one. None of this would be possible without my trusty rolling tray making it easy to have everything in one place for rolling. There’s plenty of designs to choose from as well so you can express your individuality while you roll! Though I should advise caution when rolling in the bath, It can go very, very wrong…

3 - Clipper Lighter

If you’ve not heard of Clipper lighters before then you’re in for a real treat as these regular looking lighters are anything but. Clipper being a genius company decided to include a removable barrel not only so that it could be replaced and your favourite clipper lighter could theoretically last forever but also so that us herb dabblers can use the barrel as a “P.D.T” - A Pokey Downy Ting - making it the number one lighter for stoners.

2 - Smell-Proof baggy

Unequivocally the greatest addition to the stoners arsenal - the air-tight Smell Proof Baggies are a no-brainer really, reasonably priced and perfectly functioning these baggies will let you walk through a police station on 420 without so much as a glance! Being able to store your medicine safely and odour-less gives you an enormous sense of freedom to move around worry-free. The baggy eventually will lose its air-tight seal so remember to get a few so you can stay scent-free!

Honourable Mentions:

Rizla Hemp combi

You’ll need proper papers if you’re going to smoke a proper doobie, there are many brands to choose from, a lot of people will tell you RAW is the way to go, others might say Elements or OCB but this stoners heart belongs to Rizla Hemp Combi packs, made from our favourite crop and equipped with hemp perforated roach these combi packs stand tall as my personal favourite and an easy recommendation.

Dr Green bong cleaner

If you’re a lover of the green bowl then you’re going to want to keep that bowl clean, helpful then that Dr Green has blessed us with this bottle of helpful squirts, spray it on your bowl, wipe and voila! Your bong or pipe is as good as new! No more residue getting into your water giving you a clean smoke every time! Dr Green is a cheap and effective way to keep your smoking apparatus up to health standards because we have to take care of ourselves, you’re body is a temple you know?

Acrylic Leaf Design Bong

Maybe less of an essential more of an upgrade. Get yourself a bong! The cleanest way to smoke, easy on the lungs (after a bit of practice) and less expensive than rolling when you include repeat purchases of papers. Lots of people swear by bongs as the best way to smoke herb as there’s no need for tobacco and you’re not smoking any paper, combine it with the RAWthentic Hemp Wick and you’ve got a cheap and environmentally responsible method of smoking.

... And for number 1, drum roll please...

1 - The RAWthentic Cache Storage Box

The RAWthentic cache storage box is an absolute essential for anyone needing a small, convenient and sturdy option for storing your rolling essentials, I say small but it’s the perfect size to hold your King Size papers so really it’s perfectly sized! Being made by RAW it was made with us stoners in mind and with that it becomes a perfect addition to your smoking repertoire.

There you have it, Rolling Refills top 5 essential smoking products, acquire all these and there's no doubt you'll have an unbeatable stoners kit with all the things you'll need for a smooth rolling and smoking experience.


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