The Story Of Kush Lord Reginald Refills I

The Story Of Kush Lord Reginald Refills I

Long, long ago there lived a humanoid by the name of Reginald Refills, a mysterious man shrouded in dank smoke. Many say it was Reginald himself that first attempted burning the bush, however this is highly disputed and as it was over 2000 years ago, we can never be truly sure whether it was indeed our man Lord Refills. What we do know is that Kush Lord Reginald Refills The First, as he became known, was the first in the prestigious Refills lineage and that his origin is ambiguous at best, many believe him not even to be human given his grotesque, giant, spherical head.


It is said that when The Lord Of Kush, Mr Refills burned the devils lettuce and inhaled the thick white smoke he had changed human history forever. In a flurry of excitement Reginald quickly picked all the herb he could and carried it all the way to the nearest village, a village that would go on to become modern day Amsterdam. Realising quickly that this herb could mellow out the warring tribes and feuding families the Lord had devised a plan to distribute the magical, medicinal bush to all the chief’s and all the king’s in the land and set out on a journey to bring peace to the world. 


Months turned into years and years turned into decades as Reginald travelled kingdom to kingdom smoking out all the world leaders and family heads and ultimately bringing peace to over half of the world by having feuding families all partake in the smoking of the peace pipe until one day, as Reginald crossed a border with his wagon of herbal remedies he was stopped by a gang of hoodlums wanting after his stash. Reginald the pacifist had never been threatened before and offered the men a puff on the peace pipe to help them relax but the brutes were having none of it as one of the men pulled out a bill of rights stating that “Cannabis is a class A drug and therefore it is a serious crime to possess cannabis with the intent to distribute.” and began attempting to arrest the beloved icon. Reginald the ever-cunning paused for just a moment before swiftly replying with a calm “It’s for personal use” before tossing a Toker’s bundle on the ground and bolting away at speeds never seen before, it is thought that this was the last sighting of the legendary Kush Lord Reginald Refills The First and the first sighting of the marvellous "It's For personal Use" Bundle

It's For Personal Use
It wasn’t until just under a century ago that Reginald I’s descendent, Ricky Refills was able to recover the culturally priceless artefact and to this day Rolling Refills continues the Kush Lords legacy with the “It’s For Personal use” Bundle pack available on Looking back it’s easy to wonder what could’ve been had those hoodlums never threatened ol’ Reggie with criminal sanctions and he was left to spread peace through herb across the world, maybe we wouldn’t even have nations at this point, we’d all just be one big stoner family.


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