Why You NEED The Solinder Grinder From Aftergrow

Why You NEED The Solinder Grinder From Aftergrow

If you’re a regular medicinal herb enjoyer then you’ve more than likely broken your bud down by hand at least once in your life. You probably are also aware that rolling lumpy, coarse flower with the sticky-icky coating on your fingers can be incredibly frustrating.

Fortunately, a grinder can quickly transform your smoking experience. After all, the secret to a slow-burning joint with a smooth draw is a fine, uniform grind.

Solinder Open

What is a grinder?

 A grinder is a device designed to break your buds into fine, evenly ground bits.

Because flower buds are typically large, dense, and often sticky, they must be properly serviced prior to being rolled. While it is possible to break up the bud with your hands, most tokers prefer the help of a grinder because of the many benefits they provide.

Solinder in Grass

With all that said, here we’re going to look at why the Solinder grinder from Aftergrow is the best in the biz when it comes to high quality herb grinders. So here’s 6 reasons the Solinder by Aftergrow is one of the strongest grinders in the game.

Reason 1:

Powered by AFTER GROW Teeth-Tec

Solinder + Box

AFTER GROW Teeth-Tec provides the best teeth shape combination and function which supports grinding the herb in the best way as well as recovering all the resin detached during the grinding process.




Reason 2:

Hefty magnetic Closure

The Solinder uses a bigger size magnet from AFTERGROW with stronger power to protect your herb in your Solinder.

Reason 3:

Solinder full

Ergonomic slim waist for a better grip

The Solinder features an ergonomic waist that brings you the very best control while grinding.






Reason 4:

Elegant Top Design

Solinder Top

Elegant dream is the reality brought to life by the leading technology of  AFTERGROW.






Reason 5:


Solinder Scraper

Strong, highly stretchable Scraper from AFTER GROW is included in your Solinder box.





Reason 6:

Deluxe gift box 

Solinder Gift Box

The special designed deluxe gift box makes the Solinder more precious than ever. Get another one for your beloved!






Bonus Reason!

Anti-Counterfeiting measures

Don’t worry about getting a poor fake Solinder. Use your anti-counterfeiting code to check your original AFTER GROW products on www.aftergrow.com

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