YorkshireHYPE: Keon Hill

YorkshireHYPE: Keon Hill

Now, if you were to say Keon is the best thing to come out of Yorkshire since Yorkshire Puddings were first created way back in 1737, you might have some cries of over-exaggeration or over-hyping the veteran MC. However, if you were to say that he’s the most exciting thing to happen in this county since Richard Hammond managed to make a car fly, albeit only for a few moments, then you’d have a hard time finding anyone that would disagree. 


Keon Hill with artist Rag N Bone Man

Hailing from Tang Hall in Rolling Refills’ home town of York, Keon is a seasoned MC successfully creating his own trajectory into a hip hop/rap artist with an aura of untapped potential surrounding him. Not to mention a few hits behind his name already including ‘Changes’ - a soulful and mellow rap tune with an acoustic vibe equipped with a music video directed by Onesixnine, that followed his number 2 hit ‘Kid Again’. Currently hosting a weekly event in Burnley as well as popping up on stage with Rag ‘n’ Bone Man on his sold out UK tour. Somehow the rapper still found time to organise a headline event under his name in Leeds all during a pandemic that has kept venues closed and people indoors, Keon is most certainly an artist to watch in 2022 and beyond.


Keon has been an events host for several years and across countless countries in Europe including some of the biggest events, festivals and club nights, giving him the experience needed to elevate a venue, but it was the pandemic that helped rocket his music career to the next level. Hill has spoken about how he knew he had it in his locker to create music, and was frustrated that he wasn’t creating his own. This eventually resulted in the MC forming his own studio with his colleague, Elz, naming it Annie’s Music Studio after his Nan. In his studio he created an impressive 15 songs during one year of the lockdown. 

 Recent Moves:

Keon Hill live

We caught up with Keon recently in Malia, shortly before he jumped on stage with rapper Central Cee, Keon spoke at length on his future plans for not only himself - even hinting at the possibility of putting out his first full length album - but AMS as well, fostering and searching for musical talent in York who are new to the game and don’t have any contacts in the industry.  It seems Keon is on a mission to bring together the community of York and surrounding areas after the pandemic and the isolation of recent times. ‘Lockdown’ which was released in early 2021 reached #3 on the iTunes Hip Hop Charts on the last day of the second proposed Lockdown of the country, an appropriate signifier of Keon’s relationship with current events and channelling them through his music. Most recently Keon has been regularly hosting live events on Instagram inviting young artists including rappers and singers to join him on the stream and perform, giving them a platform to grow. Not to let his own progress slip, the Yorkshire rapper managed to put out “Butter & Rice” - A lyrical barrage accompanied by an ethereal instrumental - which as I write this has a whopping 23,000 views on YouTube in less than a month.

Artist Profile:

Favourite artist(s)?

  • Nipsey
  • Michael Jackson
  • Bruno Mars
  • OutKast

Favourite lyric of all time?

K: “My name’s Hov, H to the OV, I used to move snowflakes by the oz, I guess even back then you could call me, CEO of the ROC” - Public Service Announcement - Jay Z

Favourite Keon Hill Lyric?

K: “I don’t need a punchline, they get it without metaphors, see I could break the cycle but really I ain’t meant to pause” - Butter & Rice

Keon Profile

To conclude I suggest you keep an eye on this guy, the future looks bright for Keon and his people. It is exciting to see York getting some recognition in the music game and hopefully in time we will see a culture of music growing in the city, give our boy Keon a follow on Instagram @itskeonhill and check out his new music video for Butter & Rice here.

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