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    Elf Bars have been and still are one of the best selling disposable vapes on the market. They are rapidly becoming the go-to disposable for most vapers. Elf Bars have managed to grow in popularity partly due to the incredibly simple to use functionality of the vape as well as not requiring any previous vaping experience, it’s literally just inhale and you’re good to go! Simply remove from the packing, and inhale to get the nicotine and flavour hit. The sleek looking bar is the perfect size to go side by side within your phone or wallet in your pocket to be dragged on a night out on the town or while out for the day.

Which ELF BAR Kit Is Right For You?

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The Elf Bar 600

The Elf Bar 600 disposable vape is a beginner-friendly, incredibly portable and practical device that has a sleek but bold design and compact size.

This kit supports around 600 puffs per kit (similar to a pack of cigarettes) thanks to the large 550mAh pre-charged battery, making it perfect for vaping on the go.

Each bar has 2ml of prefilled 20mg Nicotine e-liquid that brings you the best MTL experience with every inhale while keeping it completely mess and maintenance-free.

Mix & Match any 5 Elf Bar flavours for just £20!

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The Elfa Pre-Filled Pod kit

Welcoming Elf Bar's new more environmentally friendly 2ML Pre-filled Vape Pod Starter Kit, Elfa with an in-built 500mAh rechargeable battery. The Elf Bar Elfa Pod Kit uses pre-filled replaceable pods featuring 2ml of premium & familiar e-juice flavours providing a more affordable approach to disposable vaporisers.

Each Pod Kit comes with one pre-filled Pod with Blue Razz Lemonade flavoured e-liquid.

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Why Are They So Popular?

While tobacco and cigarette prices seem to constantly be on the rise along with the cost of living crisis and you’ve got a whole country of people looking for a cheaper way to relieve some stress, that's where disposables come in, cheaper and simpler than buying a whole refillable vape kit, especially if you have no previous experience with vaping, and produced with value in mind meaning the bars seem to be the only thing maintaining its price point in this crazy time of £15 packs of cigarettes. All of this mixes together to make Elf Bars the smart and value choice when compared with vape kits and traditional ciggies. - At 5 for £20 that’s 3000 puffs for the price of one pouch of rolling tobacco, and you don’t need a lighter, papers, a filter or even time to roll.

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