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Cleaning Up The Streets Of York One Vape At A Time.

Tired Of Seeing Disposable Vapes Everywhere?

York locals get to not only enjoy Free & Fast local delivery on orders over £10 but we are now also offering Free Vape Waste Collection to all of our local York customers - If you are in our local catchment area we'll be more than happy to collect your vape waste.

The disposal of e-cigarettes and disposable vapes can have significant negative impacts on the environment. These impacts include the generation of greenhouse gas emissions, the contribution of plastic waste to landfills, and the leaching of toxic chemicals into soil and waterways. Proper disposal of used e-cigarette pods and cartridges, battery recycling can help minimise these impacts.

We're committed to being environmentally responsible, and that's why we offer our Vape Waste Collection Service. You can give us your used vapes, and we'll make sure they're disposed of properly, so they don't end up in landfills.

For any questions or queries regarding our Vape Waste Collection Service please message us on live chat or email us at and one of our team will be more than happy to help.

All Of Our Disposable Vapes Including CBD Can Be Handed Back To Us

Vaping Couldn't Be Simpler

To let us know you have vape waste for collection just add Vape Waste Collection to your cart for no extra charge! Then simply hand your used disposable vapes to your Rolling Refills courier when they bring your next order! Hey presto - the world is a cleaner place!

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What Happens To The Vapes?

We aim to recycle all collected waste. While this ambition may be lofty, our hope is that by starting small in York we can make an effective impact in our local area.

The disposable vapes we collect are taken to the appropriate electrical recyling centre and disassembled into re-usable parts.

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