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The Rolling Refills Vape Shop where you'll find a massive range of vape liquid, Salts and Shortfills from the top vaping brands such as Doozy and Nasty, as well as the best vaporisers in the market. Whether you're trying to quit smoking or already part of the growing vaping community we've got you covered.

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The Next Generation Of Vaping Is Here...

There's new tech in the vaping game and new products that make the most of that tech! Check out the all new Elf Bar ELFA Pro Pod kits as well as the new Crystal Plus from SKE with enhanced features!

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  • Pod Salt
  • Doozy Vape Co.
  • Elf Bar
  • SKE
  • IVG
  • Bar Series
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ALL NEW! ELFA Pro Pod Kits!

ELFA levelled up! Welcome to the new era of vaping with the upgraded ELFA Pro Pod Kit

Mix and match any 5 Pods for £25

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Don't Know Where to Start? Try Disposables...

By far the simplest options available, disposable vapes are the ideal choice for new vapers or anyone looking for a compact device that requires zero maintenance. Use them to try different flavours or get used to the feel of an electronic cigarette. They’re also very popular with existing vapers who use them as a backup for their normal kit, or as a more stealthy solution.

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Check Out Our Range Of Premium Vape Liquids

Whether you're looking to upgrade or get a start in vaping we've got you covered. With a selection of tasty, unique and delicious vape liquids, nicotine salts and shortfills available you're sure to find your new favourite flavour or your go to brand.

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The Wonderful World Of Vape Liquids

Sometimes it feels like there are millions of different flavours of vape liquid to choose from, the number may not be that high but it might as well be! Whether you're into sweet or savoury, menthol or tobacco, there's a flavour for everyone, and then there's probably six variations of that flavour to choose from! Let your imagination run wild and your taste buds rejoice as you dive into the delicious world of vaping.

Make the most of our multi-buy savings by using our mix & match 5 x nic salts for £11 deal or our mix & match 5 x 50/50 e-liquids for £11 deal.

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Rolling Refills Vaping Essentials

When it comes to vaping, quality and functionality count. We at Rolling Refills are proud to provide our customers with the best quality brands and the biggest savings on the net! Don't do yourself a disservice by buying an inferior product from some random website, get your favourites right here at Rolling Refills! Add your favourite liquids, parts, disposables and more to your Rolling Refill and never run out of supplies again!

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