How Do I Safely Dispose Of My Disposable Vape?

How Do I Safely Dispose Of My Disposable Vape?

A question that for the general health of the planet could do with being answered.

The general consensus is that disposable vapes make up a considerable amount of waste that is sent to landfills. While controversy surrounds the disposal of these user-friendly “disposable” e-cigs, they continue to grow and grow in popularity, particularly in the UK, where sales of disposable vapes are currently booming. 

Disposable vape waste

A survey by Opinium – on behalf of Material Focus, a not-for-profit recycling organisation – found 18% of 4,000 people surveyed had bought a vape in the previous year, with 7% buying a single-use device. On average, it is estimated that it takes 1,000 years for disposable vapes to decompose, and for this reason, there have been calls to ban the sales of disposable vapes altogether. 

However, what many vapers and anti-vape campaigners don’t know is that there is in fact a safer way to dispose of the single-use devices, a way that will not harm the environment and can easily be done by each and every vaper! - Recycling! Recycling your disposable vape is one of the ways us disposable vapers can do our bit to help the globe as it limits pollution as well as harm to children and wildlife caused by e-liquid residue. In this article we will be looking into how you can vape with confidence knowing you can safely discard your disposable vape - because who wants to give up those beautiful Elf Bars? No one, that’s who.

Elf Bars

Firstly though, let's get one major thing out of the way;: what are disposables?

Disposable vapes are made up of very few components; they commonly have a battery, small e-liquid tank, a cotton wick and coil and of course, the famous disposable plastic exterior. They are single-use devices that are prefilled with e-liquid and nicotine and can provide you with anything between 300-900 puffs before having to be disposed of. They are cheap, convenient, available in thousands of different flavours and are readily available in supermarkets, corner stores and online. For the best deals and prices check out our disposable vape collection.

Disposable materials

While many have argued that disposable vapes are not recyclable, they in fact, can be - however, they need to be broken down to their separate materials and recycled and should never be recycled as a whole. This may sound time consuming and the opposite of the simplicity that befalls disposable vapes but in reality these disposables are made with this method of discarding in mind so are built to be rather easy to break down and separate for waste.

How Do I Recycle Disposables?

  • Start by opening the device; there’s usually a piece that comes straight off and allows access to the internal components. 
  • Simply remove the battery, taking extra precaution. We recommend using hand gloves.
  • Remove the cotton and plastic e-liquid tank.
  • Your disposable vape is officially dismantled and ready to be recycled.

Where Do I Recycle Disposables?

Please be aware that to recycle the battery it must be taken to your local recycling centre or supermarket, battery collection points can be found on your local councils website. The cotton and plastic can be recycled as normal via recycling bins and will eventually give life to a whole new product! - The circle of life.

So there you have it boys and girls, no more excuses! We can all do our bit while still enjoying our easy-to-use disposable vapes. Remember to check out our mix and match disposables deal and stock up on your Elf Bars, Lost Mary, Elux Bars for less than £4 each with our new user discount and even try our CBD disposable vapes from Orange County, just remember to dispose of them correctly and you can live a guilt-free, cloud-filled life.

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