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Ever wanted something more from your rolling tray or grinder? Ever felt that your rolling papers and Clipper lighter lack personality or history? Well have we got news for you...

Here at Rolling Refills we offer toker's bundles with not just a story but an entire history that spans over 2000 years since Reginald Refills, first of his name, first lit up the burning bush in the year 14 BC (Before Chongz) to when the Rolling Refills website was finally created in 2021.

We have carefully curated these bundles to fit a purpose and then built a story around the bundles for your enjoyment. Treat yourself to a Rolling Refills cultural artefact today!

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The -It’s For Personal use - Bundle!

It wasn’t until just under a century ago that Reginald I’s descendent, Ricky Refills was able to recover this culturally priceless artefact and to this day Rolling Refills continues the Kush Lords legacy with the - It’s For Personal use - Bundle pack.

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Big Chief Toker Bundle Banner

The Big Chief Toker's Bundle!

On the 23rd of February in 1922 Reginald Refills III landed in the Americas for the first time and was met with some very baked Native Americans who showed Reginald the first ever toker's bundle!

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The Flying High Bundle!

When Reginald Refills III started the Rolling Refills airline, Air Refills, he decided in-flight meals were a waste of money, time and space. So, to keep passengers entertained during flights Reginald III had come up with a brilliant bundle called "The Flying High" Bundle, cementing the gift pack as a mainstay at Rolling Refills for the foreseeable future.

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Reginald Refills, First Of His Name

The almost true story of old Reginald Refills the First began over 2000 years ago and the Refills dynasty has been carefully curating these bundles ever since, he's sort of our Walt Disney if Walt Disney ever used RAW papers and Chongz bongs.

Reginald spent his time on this planet providing the world with everything it needed to have a perfect herb puffing sesh way back before even the great Cheech and Chong graced this earth, supplying world leaders with Blazy Susan papers, distributing premium rolling trays to people that needed them across the globe and offering the peace pipe to every soul that ever desired it until he was unjustly stopped in his prime.

Throughout the Lord's travels he had managed to cultivate a following of loyal stoners and pot heads and began providing his circle with the best quality papers, grinders, baggies and lighters that he could source and devised the beautiful bundle concept that is so prevalent on Rolling Refills today, that's why we supply the best toker's bundles on the web!

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